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The Tower is the synthesis of our history and our world, built on a rock proudly facing the sea.


Its ancient stones enclose objects of contemporary design, carefully chosen
and combined…

as is our cuisine: suspended between sea and land, between tradition and modernity, between memories and research for new ideas.

It is only natural that your journey in the 25th season
of our restaurant will start from inside the Tower...

Here you will design your own itinerary among the 25 dishes on our menu…

The sommelier will recommend the wines
from the Tower’s cellar to accompany your journey and...

restingin the foundations of the Tower.

Finally, through a passageway through its ancient walls,
you will be arrive at your table, ready to set sail !

...attraversando un passaggio scavato nelle sue mura, uscirete dalla Torre e arriverete alla vostra nave, pardon tavola